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Add HK Public Holidays to e-calendar!
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>> Public Holidays for 2017 Added! <<

From now on you can save time in adding public holidays to your electronic calendar!  The 1823 Online has prepared the Hong Kong Public Holidays calendar in iCal format (.ics) for your use!

The calendar of 2016 and 2017 Hong Kong Public Holidays is available in the following three language versions - 


Hong Kong Public Holidays (English)  Hong Kong Public Holidays (Traditional Chinese) Hong Kong Public Holidays (Simplified Chinese)
English Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese


How to use the Hong Kong Public Holidays iCal calendar?


iCal is a standard calendar format compatible with most calendar applications. By subscribing to the iCal calendar from 1823 as a feed or importing it to your application, you can add Hong Kong public holidays to your e-calendar easily! (we will update it once the holidays of the coming year have been announced!)


iOS Users

iOS users can subscribe to this calendar from their devices direct!  Simply follow the steps below.  (Note: Additional data charges may be incurred.)

  1. Tap "Settings" on the Home screen
  2. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. Select "Add Account…"
  4. Select "Other", then "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  5. Enter the URL for the language version of Calendar that you choose in "Server", then tap "Next"
    (English - iOS users)
    (Traditional Chinese - iOS users)
    (Simplified Chinese - iOS users)
  6. Tap "Save" to finish and the holidays will be added automatically!


Android Users

Generally speaking, Android users can subscribe to the iCal using Google Calendar and then synchronise it to their mobile devices as follows:

  1. Go to http://google.com/calendar through a browser, login to Google Calendar with the Google Account used for synchronising the mobile device.
  2. In "Desktop" view of Google Calendar, click the down arrow beside the “Other calendars” on the left hand side of the Google Calendar and select “Add by URL”.
  3. Enter the URL of the language version of Calendar that you choose:
    (English - Android users)
    (Traditional Chinese - Android users)
    (Simplified Chinese - Android users)
  4. Click “Add Calendar” and the subscription will be completed on Google Calendar.
  5. Open the calendar in the mobile device and tap “Sync”. (Note: Additional data charges may be incurred.)
  6. Select “Hong Kong Public Holidays” in the “Calendars” in the “Settings” and tap “Done”. The holidays will then be added automatically!



You may check for more information about how the iCal can be used in some other common calendar applications here -

-    Yahoo! Calendar: Subscribing
-    Microsoft Outlook: Importing | Subscribing
-    Apple iCloud: Subscribed calendars


Why the newly added holidays are not reflected in my mobile device after subscribing iCal?
You can check if the new holidays have been reflected in your Google calendar by the following steps:

  1. Browse http://google.com/calendar.
  2. Login to Google Calendar with the Google Account used for synchronising the mobile device.
  3. Check whether the new holidays are shown. According to Google , it may take up to 8 hours to update your Google Calendar.
  4. If the 2016 holidays are shown in your Google Calendar but cannot be synchronised to your mobile device, please refer to Google’s sync troubleshooter for more information. Based on user experience, the holidays beyond one year may not be  reflected in the mobile devices. For example, holidays in May 2017 will be reflected in the mobile device starting June 2016.

(Note: As the performance of different brands and versions of operating systems of mobile devices may differ, please contact the manufacturers if you encounter any problems in the settings or synchronisation of your calendar.)


How to remove the subscribed iCal from the iOS or Andriod devices? 
Please click here