Did You Know - A variety of useful and interesting topics closely related to your daily life

Did You Know - A variety of useful and interesting topics closely related to your daily life

A Treeman's Story

I grew up in the rural environment in Yuen Long. Flooding was a common phenomenon as my house was located in a low lying area and I also experienced the aftermath of typhoons such as damaged houses, collapsed trees and…

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Trees of the Month - Lebbeck Tree

Originating from tropical Africa, Lebbeck Tree belongs to the Mimosaceae family. With an umbrella-shaped crown, it can grow up to a height of 15 metres. It has bipinnate-divided compound leaves and each pinna has 10 to 18 leaflets...

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Trees of the Month - Queen's Crape Myrtle

What is Burmese Rosewood? One famous example is found in the middle of the Central Government Offices Compound. Often under the media spotlight, the tree is 22 metres tall and has been at the above location…

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The Origin of Rating in Hong Kong

Rating has a long history in Hong Kong. The first Rating Ordinance, Ordinance No.2 of 1845, was enacted in that year and related to the Police Rate which was collected to pay the expenses for upholding and…


Knowing how to change the ID of your vehicle

Just as ID numbers are for identifying each and every individual, a vehicle registration mark is the ID of a vehicle. Many people prefer to have a vehicle registration mark of special significance.


New drivers have to know the “P”

You may have seen vehicles with a “P” plate on the road. Are you aware of its meaning? Displaying a “P” plate is only one of the regulations probationary driving licence holders have to observe.


Care for Our Trees

Tree care may have become an increasingly hot topic in Hong Kong in recent years, but how much do you know about trees? Trees are actually perennial woody plants with a single erect trunk and a clearly-defined...

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Mission: Keep man-made slopes & retaining walls safe (I)

Keeping man-made slopes and retaining walls in good condition is essential. Even if they are designed and constructed to acceptable standards, without routine maintenance, their condition will deteriorate over...

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Mission: Keep man-made slopes & retaining walls safe (II)

Routine maintenance works may be carried out in accordance with the findings of routine maintenance inspections of the slopes/retaining walls. Most of the routine maintenance works can be carried out by general ...

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Trees of the Month - Hong Kong Camellia

The Hong Kong Camellia flourishes from December to February every year. Its young branches are reddish brown with glabrous, leathery oblong leaves. Of the Camellia species native to Hong Kong, only this...

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Who needs to pay Government rent?

Government rent must be paid by all property owners. Depending on the type of land lease under which the property is held, Government rent may be a fixed amount or may vary with changes in the rateable value of the property...


Why do I have to pay Rates? Can I lodge an objection?

Rates are a tax levied on properties. The revenue collected helps to pay for public services such as police, fire services, education, health and hygiene, which are of benefit to everyone in the community...


Note the Signs of Landslide Danger and Save Lives!

Landslides can result in loss of lives and destruction of property in a matter of seconds. It is not totally impossible to stay out of harm’s way through careful observation. A slope may be in a critical condition...

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Watch Out the Landslip Warning Signs!

To alert the public to the threat of landslides, appropriate warning signs will be erected at the slopes and retaining walls which have been identified as substandard or likely to pose to a landslide risk...

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Roadside Treasures (I)

When you take a leisurely stroll along Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, you may be dazzled by the luxurious goods and the latest fashion arrivals. But have you ever noticed that there are other valuable things around you? They provide you with…

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Roadside Treasures (II)

The Government has identified some 500 trees for inclusion into the Register of Old and Valuable Trees (OVTs) in Hong Kong. They come in different tree species and forms. To qualify as an OVT, a tree must fulfill at least one of the following criteria...

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Trees of the Month - Sweet Gum, Yellow Oleander

With the arrival of autumn, the broad, deciduous Sweet Gum starts catching attention. Its star-shaped leaves, which remind us of the maples, have 3-lobes that would turn to yellow-orange, red and finally purple brown during the season...

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