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Housing Department (7)

What is the schedule of the HOS 2018 ?
http://www.1823.gov.hk/eng/FAQ/023089/index.shtm - 20k -

What are the income and asset limits for the White Form applicants of HOS 2019 & applicants of WSM 2019?
http://www.1823.gov.hk/eng/FAQ/023118/index.shtm - 21k -

What are the schedule and quotas of the White Form Secondary Market Scheme (WSM) 2019?
http://www.1823.gov.hk/eng/FAQ/023119/index.shtm - 19k -

What are the new measures of HOS 2019 and WSM 2019?
http://www.1823.gov.hk/eng/FAQ/023120/index.shtm - 19k -

How to obtain the application forms and guides of HOS 2019 and WSM 2019?
http://www.1823.gov.hk/eng/FAQ/023121/index.shtm - 22k -

I purchased a subsidised housing flat unit or applied successfully for the White Form Secondary Market Scheme, am I elgible for applying for HOS 2019 & WSM 2019?
http://www.1823.gov.hk/eng/FAQ/023122/index.shtm - 23k -

How to submit HOS 2019 and/or WSM 2019 application?
http://www.1823.gov.hk/eng/FAQ/023123/index.shtm - 25k -

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