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To fight the virus together with Hong Kong residents, the Innovation and Technology Bureau and the Innovation and Technology Commission have arranged the distribution of  CuMask+TM to Hong Kong residents.  Holders of valid Hong Kong Identity Card who meet the age requirement and have not obtained a CuMask+TM through online registration, may visit Post Offices around the territory and present the original Hong Kong Identity (HKID) card to collect an adult size reusable Cumask+TM for free between 15 June and 15 July 2020.  If you reside in a housing estate under the Housing Authority or Housing Society, you may also present your original HKID card in person at the respective Public Rental Housing Estate Management Officese under the Housing Authority or Rental Estate Management Offices under the Hong Kong Housing Society to collect a mask.  If you are unable to collect the mask in person, you may authorise others to collect the mask for you from post offices or respective estate management offices between 6 and 15 July 2020.  Please visit  for the details.

Points to note:

  • Infants have weaker breathes.  Wearing a mask may pose a risk of suffocation.  Therefore, infants are not recommended to wear masks and no mask will be provided to infants.
  • For children who were born on or after 1 January 2009, they will receive child size masks through their primary schools or kindergartens.  Collection in person is not required.  The Government has also reserved sufficient masks for children who will be admitted to kindergarten in the next school year, which will be distributed through the kindergartens.
  • To support the disadvantaged, the Government has delivered extra masks to residential care homes, as well as non-government organisations providing services for the elderly, homeless and persons with disabilities for them to give to the needy.   The service users of these residential care homes and organisations can collect a mask in person. 
Last update: 3 Jul 2020
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