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The ballot was drawn on 15 August 2019.  You may check the ballot result and your application's priority for detailed vetting via the following channels –

  1. Visiting the HOS 2019 website
    • The ballot result and the order for detailed vetting have been uploaded to HOS 2019 website.
  2. [Only applicable to checking priority for detailed vetting] Calling the IVRS of the Housing Authority Sales and WSM Hotline at 2712 8000 (only Cantonese and Putonghua versions available)
    • After selecting the language,
      • Green Form applicants please press 1,6,2,1; or
      • White Form applicants please press 1,6,2,2;

        then enter the application number (without G/ W) and ID number of the applicant; or

  1. Starting from 16 August, going in person to 

HA will issue notifications in due course to invite applicants with higher priority to submit supporting documents for eligibility vetting.

Last update: 9 Sep 2019
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