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How to check the ballot results of the Community Recreation and Sports Programmes organized by Leisure and Cultural Services Department? How can successful applicants enroll the activities?

Leisure and Cultural Services Department

The balloting result of each community recreation and sports programme organized by LCSD will be publicised at the 18 District Leisure Services Offices and LCSD’s website within 5 working days from the balloting date (note).  Applicants can check the balloting result at “Balloting Result” direct on the home page of LCSD’s Website during the period.  The procedures are listed below:

  • Select the district (e.g. Central & Western) or venue (e.g. Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre)
  • Select the activity number and name of the activity
  • Read the Successful Applicant List and Waiting Applicant List

[Note: ballot date can be checked on the “Date of Enrol.” column of the related programme in LCSD’s Community Recreation and Sports Programme Website or Sports Centres or “Community Recreation and Sports Programme” booklet obtained in District Leisure Services Offices.]                   

Successful applicants will receive the admission notification (notification letter) within 7 working days of the ballot date.  Successful applicants must bring along their notification letters, identity documents (original or copy) and entry fees to the designated District Offices / centres / recreation and sports venues for enrolment (for details, please refer to the notification letters). 

Those who fail to make enrolment within the specified period will be regarded as waiving their rights.  Enquiries about the remaining quota , please select “District Sports Programmes” at LCSD’s website, and then select the “Community Recreation and Sports Programmes” which shows the places left at the column of quota.  The data on “places left” is not real-time information which is updated automatically three times a day at 4:00am, 9:30am and 3:00pm.  To check the latest remaining quota of a particular activity, please call the respective District Leisure Services Office.

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Last update: 4 Sep 2019
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