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How to check the status of delivery of an Inward International Mail (Registered Mail / Insured Mail / Parcels)?

Hongkong Post

Senders can, within 6 months from the date of mailing, make a request to track an inward registered / insured mail item or a parcel. Senders can track an item in the following way:

Mail Tracking ChannelMail Tracking Procedures
1. InternetEnter the item number on Mail Tracking page of Hongkong Post
2. Enquiry Number 2921 2560Call the 24-hour enquiry number 2921 2560 and input the item number
3. Enquiry Form Pos28B  

Fill in the form and submit with supporting documents -

  • by mail to Mail Tracing Office, Hongkong Post, 12/F Kennedy Town Community Complex, 12 Rock Hill Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong;
  • in person to any post office; or
  • fax to 2543 0469.
4. Download Hongkong Post Mobile AppUse the function of Mail Tracking and trace the mail items by simply entering the mail item number or scanning the QR Code shown on the receipt of posting.
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Last update: 26 Jan 2022
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