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I am a HOS 2020 Green Form Applicant. If I wish to apply for GSH 2020/21, do I have to submit GSH 2020/21 application form again?

Hong Kong Housing Authority & Housing Department

Valid Green Form applicants of HOS 2020

  • For applicants who have opted joining the next Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA)’s Subsidised Sale Flats Sale Exercise in Part VII of the HOS 2020 application form and fulfill the application eligibility of GSH DO NOT need to submit a separate application and pay the application fee for GSH 2020/21 again, otherwise it will be treated as a duplication of application. Any duplicate applications will render all applications null and void.
    • HA has issued letters to valid applicants before 28 May 2021, informing them that their HOS 2020 applications have been carried over to the GSH 2020/21. The letters also contain their application numbers of GSH 2020/21. For applicants who submitted e-submission of HOS 2020, notifications with the application numbers were issued through email.
    • The carry-over of applications does not affect the applicant’s applications of HOS 2020. Applicants who have successfully purchased a flat under HOS 2020, their carry-over of GSH 2020/21 applications are cancelled immediately. 
    • Information submitted in the application form of HOS 2020 is used to verify the applicants’ eligibility criteria and priority for flats selection in GSH 2020/21. If there are any changes in the family composition (such as from one-person household to a family household, or from a general family to a family apply under “Priority Scheme for Families with Elderly Members”) or other information, applicants are required to inform HA in writing during the application period of GSH 2020/21.


Applicants’ HOS 2020 applications have been cancelled

  • HA has issued letters to applicants before 28 May 2021, informing them that their HOS 2020 applications are not be carried over to GSH 2020/21.
    • If the applicants would like to apply for GSH 2020/21 and fulfil the eligibility criteria, they must submit a new application of GSH 2020/21 and pay for the application fee (HK$250).  (The application of GSH 2020/21 has already closed on 10 June 2021.)
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Last update: 9 Sep 2021
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