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I have received the invitation letter of Express Flat Allocation Scheme (EFAS) (2022) -cum-Sale of Unsold Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH) Flats of Ching Fu Court and Dip Tsui Court, do I need to reply Housing Department if I am not interested in the Scheme? Will my Public Rental Housing (PRH) application being affected if I do not join EFAS?

Hong Kong Housing Authority & Housing Department

For public rental housing (PRH) applicants who are not interested in EFAS (2022) -cum-Sale of Unsold GSH Flats of Ching Fu Court and Dip Tsui Court, they may ignore the invitation letter and need not to reply.  Their PRH applications will continue to be processed in accordance with the prevailing PRH policies and procedures provided that the applications are still valid.


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Last update: 22 Jul 2022
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