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I purchased a subsidised housing flat unit or applied successfully for the White Form Secondary Market Scheme, am I eligible for applying for HOS 2022 & WSM 2022?

Hong Kong Housing Authority & Housing Department
TypeEligible for application?Point to Note
  • Owner/loanee and his/ her spouse who purchased flat unit(s) under subsidised housing schemes
NoSubsidised housing schemes refer to - 
  • Home Ownership Scheme (HOS);
  • Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS);
  • Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Pilot Scheme/ Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH);
  • Middle Income Housing Scheme (MIHS) (Melody Garden);
  • Mortgage Subsidy Scheme (MSS);
  • Buy or Rent Option (BRO);
  • HOS Secondary Market Scheme (SMS)/ Interim Scheme (2013 & 2015)/ White Form Secondary Market Scheme (WSM);
  • Home Purchase Loan Scheme (HPLS)/ Home Assistance Loan Scheme (HALS);
  • Tenant Purchase Scheme (TPS) (see exception (ii));
  • any subsidised housing schemes administered by the Housing Society (HS) (including Flat-for-Sale Scheme (FFSS), FFSS Secondary Market Scheme, Sandwich Class Housing Scheme and loan/subsidies under any subsidised housing schemes); and 
  • any subsidised housing schemes administered by the URA.
  1. those who transferred the ownership to other authorised persons within the household without premium payment, as approved by the Housing Authority (HA), AND completed the respective formalities on or before 25 Mar 2020; OR
  1. those, under TPS by virtue of their previous status as sitting tenants of the flats within 10 years from the date of Assignment  with HA, apply with all authorised family member(s) within the household record (These applicants can purchase a new/ rescinded HOS flat under the HA only, i.e. not applicable to the purchase of HS SSF)
  • Applicants who were unsuccessful in previous applications for subsidised housing schemes under the HA/ HS/ Urban Renewal Authority (URA)
  • Awarded with quota in the Interim Scheme and White Form Secondary Market Scheme but did not purchase flats in the HOS Secondary Market of the HA or the Flat-for-Sale Scheme Secondary Market of the HS
Yes"Did not purchase" means no Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase was signed.
  • Other family member (neither the owner nor the owner's spouse) in flat unit of subsidised housing scheme -

For other family members who are eligible, he/ she does not have to delete his/ her name from tenancy / household record until successful purchase of a flat unit under this scheme. He/ She shall move out from such unit and have his/ her name deleted from the respective household register or record after successful purchase of a flat unit under the scheme.

Note: Regarding the tenancy matters, please approach respective Estate Office/ Tenancy Management Office for enquiries - 

  1. in 2-person family (i.e. crucial member)
Exception: within 2 years after purchase of a flat (from the execution date of the Deed of Assignment) and his/ her name cannot be deletedNo
  1. in 3-person or above family


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Last update: 18 Feb 2022
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