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The Housing Authority (HA) will launch the Sale of Home Ownership Scheme Flats (HOS) 2020 in July 2020. The schedule is as follows -  


Application periodHA will keep in view of the development of the COVID-19 and the social distancing measures announced by the Government to decide the application period of HOS 2020.
(Please pay attention to the announcement of HA)
Ballotexpected in Oct 2020
Flat selectionexpected to start in Mar 2021


Flats for Sale

Details of flats for sale in HOS 2020 are as follows:


New flats

DistrictCourtNo. of BlockNo. of FlatApproximate Saleable Area (m2)Selling Price with 37% Discount (HK$/flat)
Fo TanChoi Wo Court180636.6 – 57m22.53 M – 4.89 M
Diamond HillKai Cheung Court294027.4 – 46.6m22.29 M – 5.13 M
Ma On ShanKam Chun Court52,07928.9 – 45.9m21.99 M – 4.06 M
FanlingShan Lai Court63,22225.8 – 41.9m21.23 M – 2.72 M


Please note that the price set out above for HOS 2020 is just provisional figures for reference by applicants before the finalisation of the discount rate and average selling prices. As a one-off special arrangement, HA would finalise the discount rate and average selling prices for HOS 2020 when the median monthly household income of non-owner occupier households for Apr to Jun 2020 is available in late Aug 2020.  If the relevant income figure drop, the discount rate would be adjusted upward, meaning that the average selling prices will be lower, but in case the relevant income figure goes up, HA would not adjust the discount rate downward, meaning that the average selling prices will not be increased.


Resale flats 

As at 31 May 2020, there were 18 rescinded flats from Hoi Lok Court and Yu Tai Court previously put up for sale in HOS 2018. They will be included for resale in HOS 2020. Apart from them, any additional rescinded flats from HOS 2018 and HOS 2019 as identified up to about one month before the commencement of flat selection will also be included for resale in HOS 2020.

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