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The income and asset limits for the White Form applicants of HOS 2020 and applicants of WSM 2020 are the same, details are as follows:


Household sizeIncome Limit (HK$)Asset Limit (HK$)
1 person33,000850,000
2 persons or above66,0001,700,000

Note: Statutory contributions under the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Scheme or other provident fund schemes are deductible from the income. (At the statutory rate of 5% of employees’ mandatory contribution and subject to a ceiling at the current maximum employee’s monthly mandatory contribution i.e. $1,500, all contributions other than mandatory contributions are voluntary and cannot be deducted).

Please note that from submission of the application form up to the date of signing the Agreement for Sale and Purchase for the purchase of a HOS flat, the total monthly household income and total net household asset value and family status of the applicant and the family member(s) listed in the application must meet the eligibility criteria of the application.

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Last update: 15 Sep 2020
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