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All146Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme (PTFSS)3Driving Licence12International Driving Permit 8Smoking offence7Financial Assistance Schemes for Primary & Secondary Students2Public Rental Housing (PRH)8Cycling2Vehicle Licence3Vehicle Examination4Vehicle Registration Mark8Library Services5Information related to participating departments of 18231Rates & Government Rent5Financial Assistance Schemes for Pre-primary Level Students2Working Family Allowance Scheme2Land Registry2Continuing Education Fund2Water Dripping or Water Seepage2Disability Allowance2Wasps/Wild Bees Disinfestation Services1Disposal of Household Refuse1Rest Days, Statutory Holidays and Paid Annual Leave2Food Safety1Road Works2Annual Return and Accounts2Home Ownership Scheme (HOS)8Getting a pet6Location of Postal Facilities1White Form Secondary Market Scheme (WSM)5Recreation and Sports5Private Columbarium1Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH)1Littering1Cultural Activities1Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme1Disposal of Cremated Ashes3Electronic Search Services1Unauthorised Building Works (UBW)2Government Rent collected by Lands Department2Sending Mail5Charitable Fund-raising Activities1Regulations on the sale or supply of alcohol1Traffic Facility1Cremation Service1Senior Citizen Card1Guangdong Scheme2Registration of Electrical Worker3Handling of Wild Animals1Periodic Test for Fixed Electrical Installations2Trees1Registration of Electrical Contractor3Termination of Employment1Slope1

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Getting a Pet, Handling of Wild Animals & Insects

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