1823 Frequently Asked Questions

1823 Frequently Asked Questions


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Registered Mail

Registered mail is a mail service with records of posting and receipt and the sender can track a registered mail item after it is posted. Registered mail is applicable to inland and overseas letters and small packets but not parcels (registration fee is already included in the postage on parcels). Registered mail can further be divided into:

  • Normal registered mail: Proof of posting will be issued to the sender at the time of posting. Upon successful delivery, the signed receipt will be retained by Hongkong Post. The sender will not be notified.

  • Registered mail with advice of delivery: Proof of posting will be issued to the sender at the time of posting. Upon successful delivery, an advice of delivery signed by the recipient will be mailed to the sender.

1. Way to post and postage

Registered mail items must be posted at post offices. Any registered mail item sent to a local PO Box must have the name of the PO Box’s holder written on the item in addition to the number of the PO Box. The registration fee is $15.5 per item for all kinds of mail (in addition to normal postage). An additional fee of $11 per item is required for registered mail with advice of delivery.

Note: The service of “Recorded Delivery” has been cancelled and senders may select “Registered mail” instead.

2. Delivery time

Delivery of registered mail takes 1-2 days longer than ordinary mail.

3. Collection of mail

The postman will deliver each registered mail item door-to-door once. The addressee has to present his / her identity card and sign the receipts. If the postman is unable to deliver the item on that occasion, a notification card will be left, and the addressee can collect the mail from the designated post office with the card and his / her identity card. For registered mail to a PO Box, a notification card will be put into the box. The holder of the PO box can collect the mail at the post office counter with the notification card and his / her identity card.

4. Obtaining Proof of Posting and Receipt

a) Proof of posting: 

The sender (of normal registered mail / registered mail with advice of delivery) is given a Certificate of Posting at the time of posting. If the certificate is lost and a replacement copy is required, please make a written request with related details and fax it to 2868 1442. The fee required is $160.

b) Proof of receipt:

  • Normal registered mail: the sender has to submit Pos28B to make a request and indicate that proof of receipt is required. Hongkong Post will mail a letter to the sender to confirm the success of delivery but will not arrange to send a copy of signed receipt to the sender.

  • Registered mail with advice of delivery: The sender does not have to make any request for proof of receipt, since he / she will receive an advice of delivery (proof of receipt with the signature of recipient) from Hongkong Post.


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