1823 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, serving you non-stop

1823 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, serving you non-stop


About Us


Background on EffO and 1823

At the Efficiency Office, our job is to help make public services work better for you, so that you can go about your life and business with greater ease, greater assurance and with less frustration. Normally we work behind the scenes, helping the different parts of Government re-engineer the way they work and improve their systems so that they can give better service to the community. The 1823 is one place you can meet us directly.

The 1823 was set up to improve the efficiency and accessibility of call handling by the Government. It began small in 2001, providing services to handle enquiries and complaints for five departments involved in environmental hygiene. It has now grown to provide a round-the-clock one-stop service to answer enquiries for 22 departments and to receive complaints about any area of Government services. For enquiries regarding departments not covered by 1823, it can provide relevant contact information. For complaints, while it is the responsibility of the bureaux or departments affected to consider and act on the complaint, 1823 provides easy communication, recording and tracking of each complaint. We help ensure that complaints that cut across different departments' responsibilities are acted on properly and we can pass information to a complainant if requested by departments. 

Since 2010 we have been experimenting with using the web to provide another way for the public to get access to the information and services provided by 1823. This more interactive platform is the next step in that development.

Make use of it. Tell us what you think. Help us make your city work better for you.

Vision and Mission of 1823

Vision Statement

  • To be the new benchmark for public sector call centre operations and to provide a key driver for the creation of a joined-up government.

Mission Statement

  • to provide a caring and one-stop service for answering public enquiries on behalf of participating departments and handling public complaints against the government;
  • to improve productivity, service quality and accountability in the enquiry service provided;
  • to provide consistent and accurate information to the public in a timely manner; and
  • to provide an effective platform for resolving cross-departmental complaints.
Request for Information

Requests for information or records (e.g. Case Summary, Voice Record) may be made by e-mail or by post to PO Box 1823 Tsuen Wan Post Office. Records produced would be charged at cost and the processing time is around 10 calendar days.

The following items will be charged at cost:

  • Voice record in CD-ROM - Each CD-ROM $66.00
  • Case record in hardcopies - Each page $1.30

The information will be released when the requisite payment has been made.

22 Participating Departments
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