1823 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, serving you non-stop

1823 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, serving you non-stop

Know us up close and personal
With HEART - from Work to Workplace
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HEART – a simple but meaningful word.


To human beings, a HEART is an essential organ. To 1823, HEART is a key element in serving citizens. HEART does not only simply mean “serving the public from the heart”, but is a synonym of the following five aspects of 1823 service -


  • trustwort H y
  • responsiven E ss
  • underst A nding
  • p R oactive
  • patien T


Apart from putting HEART into practice in our daily contacts with the citizens, our Customer Service Officers materialised “serving the public from the heart” in their workplace!


“HEART” Workplace Decorating Competition


In order to foster a passionate culture of serving the citizens and a sense of belonging, 1823 invited all staff to participate in a workplace decorating competition with the theme “HEART” on a team basis. They had to exercise their team spirit and creativity to come up with eco-friendly ideas of materialising the abstract concept of “serving the public from the heart”. How did the two winning teams work it out? And how did they blend their daily working experience into the decorations?




Winning team Customer Service Officer   April Kwan (Pamela Au’s team)

  ‘“HEART” is the theme of this decorating competition. Although we have always taken things to our heart, presenting it tangibly is not an easy task!


From the very beginning, we had been very focused on the word “HEART”, and the things that we said when we received calls from citizens came immediately to mind. Apart from making a huge 3D logo in English, we also prepared a cardboard written in Chinese. We chose and cartoonised five Chinese catchwords: 聽 (listen), 信 (trust), 採 (adopt), 行 (act) and 耐 (endure) from each of the five slogans. We also made a decoration – a word puzzle made out of five English words – to connect the theme to Pamela, the name of our supervisor.


In addition, since the event did not provide any sponsorship in particular, and the event required decorations to be eco-friendly, our top priority was to manage our expenditure efficiently. The majority of our work, therefore, was made of waste cardboard and used red packets. We worked on an extremely tight schedule, and every day was jam-packed with work. Our group members had made good use of our last bit of spare time to work on the decorations. Thanks to our team’s effort and cooperation, we managed to finish all the decorations just in time before the judges arrived. Fortunately, the judges and colleagues liked our work and recognised our effort. We are most grateful for their votes!’


The decorations reflect staff’s working attitude and eco-friendly ideas. The team connected the competition theme to the supervisor’s name.
The decorations reflect staff’s working 
attitude and eco-friendly ideas.
The team connected the competition theme
to the supervisor’s name.



  Winning team Customer Service Officer   Brian Hui (Callous Chu’s team)

‘Having won the competition, our team is very grateful for the support of the centre and all of our colleagues. And so we would like to share our feelings with everyone here.


The last time I participated in a decorating competition must have been in my secondary school years. I still remember that in one of these junior-secondary school competitions, our teacher had to decide on a theme and set a direction for us since we had failed to agree on a theme even after a number of meetings. In the end, we won the competition and our teacher was so happy for us.


This competition was pretty much the same as that one. At the outset, we were not sure about how to get things done, and we had no idea about how we should work on the decorations or what materials we should use, etc. At the very moment when we were about to give up, our supervisor blandly remarked: “Let’s not strain ourselves to do something special. We should do what we usually do. It’ll be good enough as long as we can show people our passion towards our work. Let’s just write a couplet.”

A straight-forward couplet states the 1823’s attitude towards citizens

Participating team is introducing their work to the judges.

Participating team is introducing their work 
to the judges.

A straight-forward couplet states
the 1823’s attitude towards citizens


 At that time I thought, “Will it be that easy?” In a blink of an eye, our supervisor had taken out some writing brushes and papers for the whole group to practice on. We were so engaged in our practice that we even felt a little dejected after we had finished writing the couplet!


Although we didn’t spend much time preparing for our work, and could have made more improvements to the details, our work was still more than enough to show other people the spirit of our team: To be willing to contribute and make sacrifices, trust our partners and just do our best. I hope that this same spirit can be passed on via the phone to influence all the citizens of Hong Kong.’



If human beings have no HEART, they cannot survive. If 1823 has no HEART, no quality service can be provided to the public. 1823 continues to serve the citizens wholeheartedly, patiently and passionately, hoping to earn the public’s confidence and compliment in the process of delivery our services.





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