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Only for reporting non-emergency cases. For emergency, please call 999 direct.
Where is the problem?

(1) Please drag the pin over the map to pinpoint the location (not applicable to mobile devices)
(2) To mark the location quickly, you can type in the address and then search

What is the problem of the tree?
The tree has fallen down
The tree may fall down
The tree may be unhealthy
The tree has overgrown branches
Others (Please specify)
Are there any of these facilities around the tree?
Tree pit
Tree Pit
Irrigation faucet
Tree fences
TreeFence1 TreeFence2
None of the above
Any more information?
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You can upload further information (such as photos) about your report. We accept at most 5 files with a maximum total size of 15MB. If you need to submit bigger and/or more files, please use file(s) of smaller size or submit the files by batches.

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approximately 12:00 midnight - 8:00 AM
I agree to disclose the personal data (including name, email address and telephone number) to:
the 1823, and the relevant Government departments, related organisations and Contractors
the 1823
for handling this case.
1823 has appointed Policy 21 Limited to conduct a survey on 1823’s performance to handle citizens’ enquiries and complaints. If you agree to join this survey, Policy 21 may contact you directly. Do you agree to join the survey?
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Where is the problem?

What is the problem?

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