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""Points To Note

""Conversation may be recorded
  • For effective handling of your case, all the conversations between you and our staff may be recorded, irrespective of whether you dial in or we call you back.  
  • The voice recordings could be used for training, system development and quality control purposes.
""Handling of personal data
  • The personal data collected (including name and contact information) may be disclosed ONLY to the Government departments, related Organisations and Contractors responsible for handling your case. 
  • If you would like 1823 to make any special arrangements in handling your personal data, such as not disclosing those data to the Government departments or contractors concerned, please specify it in your message so that we could make special arrangements accordingly.
""Service pledge
  • For complaints about 1823's service, we will investigate and provide an interim reply within 10 calendar days.  
  • If a substantive reply cannot be made within 30 calendar days, we will update you on the progress.
Last update: 2 Dec 2020