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About the Old “Tell me@1823” Mobile App

Date 26/04/2023

  • 1823 has launched a newly designed “Tell me@1823 v2” on 21 July 2022 and case submission and follow-up functions in the old mobile app have been de-supported since then. Starting from 15 May 2023, the server hosting the old app will cease operation and outdated notice will be displayed. Under certain circumstances, the mobile app may not work.

  • You are welcome to download the new app “Tell me@1823 v2” or use other channels to contact us to continue using our service.

  • Please note that the records of cases submitted through the old app will not be automatically migrated to the new app.  Please save your case records if necessary.


1823 participates in the InnoEx 2023

Date 21/04/2023

  • 1823 showcased its chatbot and revamped Mobile Application "Tell me@1823" at the Smart Hong Kong Pavilion of InnoEx 2023.



  • The InnoEx 2023 was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 12 to 15 Apr 2023.  If you wish to revisit the exhibition, please click here to visit the virtual booths of the Smart Hong Kong Pavilion.

Last update: 27 Apr 2023