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1823 Mobile App - "Tell me@1823"

Tell Me at 1823


1823, operated by the Efficiency Office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, answers enquiries for 23 departments and receives complaints about any area of Government services. We are happy to announce that our mobile application "Tell me@1823" is now available for iOS and Android device users. With the app, you can find us whenever you are connected by Wi-Fi or mobile phone network. The latest version for iOS is 1.66 and for Android is 1.64.

For other mobile users, you may wish to click here to use browser version of our e-form, which also allows you to lodge requests with file upload facilities.



Follow the instructions below to download the app “Tell me@1823 app” free of charge!



Android phone




Tell Me @1823
  • Tell us the details of your request - by text or by voice recording
  • Take a photo or video with your request - a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Use the location service of your phone to identify your location, or you could simply mark it on the map 
  • Send your request to 1823 at a click, along with the date/time stamp
  • View your past 100 reports
  • Report faster - save your contact information so you don't have to input again next time


1. What is Tell me@1823?
Tell me@1823 is a mobile app for users to lodge requests with the 1823. The app is free for download from the App Store or Android Market. With the app, you can tell us your request by text or voice recording, upload photos, and provide your location on a map, whenever you are connected by Wi-Fi or mobile phone network.

2. What are the system requirements for Tell me@1823?
Operating system: iOS 8 or above, Android 4.0 or above
Network: Wi-Fi or 3G required
Interface: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese or English

3. Is there any charge for using Tell me@1823?
Users may download it for free from App Store or Android Market. While Tell me@1823 is a free service, data transmission fees may be incurred for transmitting data through mobile phones, and such function may be not applicable for your monthly plan. Please consult your mobile telecommunication network operator on the actual fee arrangement before using the application.

4. Where can I download Tell me@1823?
Go to App Store or Android Market and search for “1823”, or click the link above to download the app.

5. How do I use the App?
Simply launch the app from your phone and you will be guided through the process of lodging a request by the app.You may also refer to the demo videos on Youtube -

6. How do I provide details of my request by voice recording? 
In addition to typing in your request in text (up to 980 characters), you may provide details by recording a voice message up to 3 minutes. Please tap the microphone icon to start recording your message.

7. Are there any limitation on the quantity and the format of the photos/ videos to be uploaded?
You may upload up to 10 photos or videos with a total file size up to 15MB.For photos, acceptable formats include jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp and heic. For videos, acceptable formats include amr, mov, m4a, 3gp and mp4.

8. How do I identify a location for my request?
You may choose to switch on the location service of your device when you start the app and allow Tell me@1823 to determine your location, which may help you to input the case location quickly. Or if you prefer, you can switch off the location service and input the location of your case manually. Tell me@1823 only records the location of reported cases with your consent at the time the report is made. It does not track the whereabouts of individuals.

Due to limitations in the location service of the mobile devices, there may be a distance between the "Current Location" or the "Photo Location" provided by your device and the case location that you want to point out. If such, please follow the steps below to adjust to the accurate case location -

  • iOS and Android: Please hold onto the case location that you want to point out on the map. A new address will be shown. You may repeat until the location is correct, then please tap on the address to return to the case details.

9. Why is authentication required when submitting a request?
The authentication step is to prevent malicious use of the e-service. This can prevent people from using applications or robots to submit forms in mass volume. You only need to input the characters displayed in the graphic.

10. How to change the language of Tell me@1823?
You can switch the display language in “About Tell me@1823”.

11. If I need technical support while using Tell me@1823, what should I do?
If you need technical support, please call 183 5500 or email to

12. How can I know my submission is successful?
You may check in "My Submission History" in the App for the history of successful submission of the case.

13. How do I check the status of the request I submitted?
You may send email to or send SMS to 61631823 with the provision of reference number. You may also contact us at 1823. Moreover, Tell me@1823 saves the last 100 submissions in “My Submission History”. When you click “Follow-up” in the case details page, a new enquiry case, with the reference number of the old case, will be generated for your further action.

14. When submitting my request to 1823, I got an error "Network connection failure". What can I do?
Please double check the data connection of your mobile device -


  • Tap to open "Settings" of your device
  • In the first section, check the following:
    • "Airplane Mode" is "OFF"
    • Either Wi-Fi or Carrier has been assigned a connection
  • Go back to the "Tell me@1823" app and try again.


  • Tap to open "Settings" of your device
  • Tap to choose "Wireless & networks"
  • Check the following:
    • "Airplane Mode" is not selected
    • Either Wi-Fi or Carrier has been assigned a connection
  • Go back to the "Tell me@1823" app and try again.

15. How can I provide feedback on Tell me@1823?
You are welcome to provide feedback to us in "About Tell me@1823".

16. What is the privacy policy for Tell me@1823?
Please click here to view it.

Last update: 11 Apr 2022