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With the concerted efforts of colleagues in different positions, 1823 is able to provide round-the-clock one-stop service to citizens: 

  • Customer Service Officers (CSO) handle calls and contacts from citizens every day, answer their enquiries and receive their complaints, suggestions or compliments on all government services.
  • Assistant Customer Service Supervisors (Training) provide comprehensive trainings and guidance to enable the CSOs to provide accurate government information for citizens and to refer cases to appropriate departments for follow-up in a professional manner. 
  • Technical Support Officers assist in managing and monitoring various Information and Communications Technology systems so that colleagues can serve the citizens more quickly and conveniently.

Besides, colleagues of administrative support team and business process re-engineering team also play indispensable roles in the daily operation of 1823.


Job Vacancies

1823 invites you to join our professional team!

Assistant Systems Engineer
  1. Assist the System Engineer to manage and maintain the IT infrastructure, including but not limited to servers, virtualization platform, SAN storage, etc;
  2. Perform daily operation support duties including system administration, performance tuning, troubleshooting, capacity planning, etc.; 
  3. Design maintenance and support procedures, to prepare technical and end-user documentation; 
  4. Provide training to end-users;
  5. Manage the performance of contractors; 
  6. Monitor information security and to respond rapidly to security incidents or breaches;
  7. Support information security activities e.g. logs review, incident response drill, security awareness training, etc.;
  8. Support IT security assessment and compliance audit; 
  9. Assist the System Engineer to maintain and support IT security systems and controls to ensure compliance with HKSAR Government security standards;
  10. Assist the System Engineer to manage ad-hoc projects for new system implementation and enhancement to existing systems; 
  11. Assist the System Engineer in managing the system support team for providing system support services for internal and external users; and to monitor and optimize system performance; and
  12. Assist the System Engineer to execute relevant IT policies and perform other IT-related duties.
$33,650 per month 19 Jun 2023
17 : 00 : 00
Temporary Customer Service Officer (4 months' contract)
  1. Handle enquiries and complaints from the public through phone, email, etc.
$664 per day after training 14 Jun 2023
17 : 00 : 00