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Service Performance

1823 Performance


Voice and Written Contacts Handling

 TargetJanuary - October 2020
No. of Voice Contacts 3920418
No. of Written Contacts 437932
Calls Answered within 12 Seconds (Planning Target)>=80%60%
Call Abandoned Rate<10%11%
Customer Satisfaction (5-point scale)>=4.04.52
Average Call Handling Time 448 seconds

2020 January to October Voice and Written Contacts Chart: Voice Contact: 3920418; Written Contacts: 437932




Case Profile

Enquiry Handling

 TargetJanuary - October 2020
No. of Enquiry Cases 1531849
First Time Resolution of Enquiry>=95%99%


Complaint Handling

 TargetJanuary - October 2020
No. of Complaint Cases 404521
% Complaints Assigned within 3 Hours70%97%
% Complaints Involved more than One Department 3%

2020 January - October Case Profile Chart: Enquiry: 1531849; Complaint: 404521; Others: 100551

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Last update: 13 Nov 2020