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How to register and use SmartPLAY to book facilities and enrol in sports and recreation programmes?

Leisure and Cultural Services Department

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has launched the new intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system, SmartPLAY to facilitate citizens to search for and book facilities and enrol in programmes. Members of the public, including patrons of the retired Leisure Link System, must register with SmartPLAY and complete an identity authentication process before using SmartPLAY.

User Registration and Identity Authentication

  1. Visit the SmartPLAY website or download the My SmartPLAY app to register as a user, have their identity verified and activate their accounts via the "iAM Smart" app instantly; or
  2. Bring along with the Hong Kong Identity (HKID) Card to any one of the Smart Self-service Stations and complete user registration, identity authentication and account activation.

For the details of SmartPLAY user registration, please click here

Facility Booking and Programme Enrolment

After the account is activated, members of the public can book sports and recreation facilities managed by the LCSD and enrol in sports and recreation programmes organized by the LCSD through the following channels:

  1. My SmartPLAY App
  2. SmartPLAY website
  3. Smart Self-service Stations

For frequently asked questions about SmartPLAY, please click here.  
For further enquiries on SmartPLAY, the public can call SmartPLAY enquiry hotline (tel: 3954 5150) from 7 am to 11 pm from Monday to Sunday.

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Last update: 5 Jun 2024
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