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What documents should be submitted to the Companies Registry if a local company makes an allotment of shares or there is a share transfer?

Companies Registry

Allotment of shares

Pursuant to the Companies Ordinance, the company should submit a Form NSC1(Return of allotments) ( MS Word/ PDF) within 1 month after the first day of allotment to the Companies Registry.  If the allotment of shares is made either fully or partly for a consideration otherwise than in cash, the Form NSC1 should be submitted together with the relevant documents.  

Share Transfer

It is not necessary to report the details of a share transfer to the Companies Registry immediately.  The transfer of shares should be reported in the first annual return (Form NAR1) ( MS Word / PDF) made by the company after the transfer took place.  For matters relating to stamping of shares transfer, please approach the Stamp Office of the Inland Revenue Department (Tel: 2594 3201).

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Last update: 13 Mar 2024
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