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Amount of Allowances for Working Family Allowance (WFA)

  • Type of Allowances:
    (1) Basic Allowance (granted on a household basis);
    (2) Medium Allowance (granted on a household basis);
    (3) Higher Allowance (granted on a household basis); and
    (4) Child Allowance (granted to each eligible child (Note) in a household and cannot be applied separately) (Note 1: Eligible child refers to a household member aged below 15 or aged between 15 and 21 receiving full-time non-post-secondary education.)
  • Depending on household income, the Basic Allowance, the Medium Allowance, the Higher Allowance and the Child Allowance may be granted at full rate, 3/4 rate or half rate.  Please press here for the amounts of allowances.  


Last update: 17 Mar 2020
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