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Starting from the 16th of each month, commuters can collect the public transport fare subsidy of the previous month by tapping their Octopus through the following channels. The subsidy will be credited to the Octopus automatically. The subsidy of each month is valid for collection within three months. If the commuters do not collect the subsidy within three months, the subsidy amount cannot be retrieved thereafter.

Subsidy collection channels include –

  • Octopus App, applicable for:
    • Android – NFC enabled mobile devices
    • iOS - iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 13 or above, or connected with Octopus Mobile Reader; and
  • Subsidy Collection Points installed at each MTR station, light rail customer service center, designated public transport interchanges and designated ferry piers;

  • All outlets of 7-Eleven, Circle K and Wellcome supermarket (including Market Place, Market Place by Jasons and 3hreesixty); and

  • Octopus Service Points.

For further details on the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme, please click here.

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Last update: 30 Apr 2024
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