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Validity period & fee of driving licence

Age of Applicant
on the date of  application
Validity PeriodFee

60 or below

10 years


Over 60, but below 67

From the date of issue up to the day before the applicant attains the age of 70.
(e.g. Validity period can be 5 years and 46 days)

(Annual licence fee x no. of years during validity period) + (TAVA **x no. of days during validity period)

  1. Annual licence fee: $52 per year (less than 1 year is counted as 1 year)

  2. TAVA: Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Fund **; annual levy: $38. The levy is calculated on a daily basis (see TAVA Charging Table (PDF)). Transport Department will calculate the amount required when processing the application.

  3. If a cheque is sent to pay the fee by post, please write “not exceeding 900” at the top of the cheque, leaving the part of “amount payable” blank. The Transport Department will confirm and write the exact amount later.

67 or above, but below 70

3 years


70 or above

Depending on applicant's choice: 1 or 3 years

1-year validity: $90; or
3-year validity: $270

** Traffic Accident Victims Assistance: a levy imposed by the Transport Department on the holders of driving licence in accordance with Traffic Accident Victims (Assistance Fund) Ordinance.

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Last update: 3 Oct 2019
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