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The Housing Authority (HA) has set quotas for different application categories for HOS 2023. The process for assigning order to the application numbers is as follows:

1.    Firstly, the order of different application categories is arranged according to the following sequence–
Green Form ApplicantsWhite Form Applicants
1) Family applicants applying under the "Priority Scheme for Families with Elderly Members"1) Nuclear family applicants applying under the “Priority Scheme for Families with Elderly Members”
2) Other family applicants2) Other nuclear family applicants
3) One-person applicants3) Non-nuclear family applicants
 4) One-person applicants
2.    Then, each application number within the respective application categories is assigned an order based on the ballot result –
  • The ballot result is determined by a computer-generated process using 100 ballot numbers (i.e. 00-99), representing the last two digits of the application number. 
  • Based on the ballot result,  the computer will generate the order for all respective application numbers; for application numbers sharing the same last two digits, the computer will randomly assign the order.
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Last update: 24 Oct 2023
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