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Some mail items are prohibited if they are harmful or may damage the mail processing machines.  Generally, prohibited mail items are categorised in “dangerous” and “erotic”.  The Post Office will reject to post the items if they belong to these two categories.  For details of the prohibited mail items, please click here (Chapter 6.3, Post Office Guide).

Hong Kong Post is responsible to handle the incoming and outgoing mails and provides delivery services in the territory.  Generally, Hong Kong Post will post and deliver the mail items which are not prohibited.  The sender should determine and confirm their mail items are not dangerous before posting.

As all incoming and outgoing mail items are checked by the customs of the designated country, the contents of the mail items should comply with the law and regulations there.  Please pay attention to the laws and regulations on incoming goods and taxation system of each country before posting; otherwise your mail items may be sent back or confiscated, or you may be fined on top of the required customs duties for further delivery.

In the interest of public health, state monopoly and other reasons, some countries or the local government have controls on the incoming goods. These goods are categorised into prohibited goods (i.e. not allowed to post the goods to the country) or restricted goods (approval is required for posting the goods to the country, please make enquiry of the designated country about the details). Please click here for the details of the prohibited goods and restricted goods of different countries (Post Office Guide Appendix : Overseas Post – Service Information by Destination).  The above reference materials are subject to revision from time to time without prior notice. Hong Kong Post staff will not express any opinion on the subject of export controls. In any case of doubt the mail item will be accepted for posting but such acceptance does not imply that the export licensing requirements have been met.  The sender should take the responsibility to make enquiries on the details of designated country. 

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Last update: 5 Sep 2019
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