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The required frequency of periodic test for fixed electrical installations depends on the type of the premises and its approved loading.

Premises/Approved loadingFrequency of Periodic Test

Commercial or residential building with an approved loading exceeding 100A

At least once every 5 years

Factory and or industrial operated premises with an approved loading exceeding 200A

Hotel, guest house, hospital, maternity home, school, child care centre or any premises announced by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) that an electrical accident may cause great harm

Premises with a high voltage fixed electrical installation

At least once every year

Place of public entertainment (e.g. cinema)

Premises for the production or storage of dangerous goods (e.g. DG store)

For any enquiries on the approved loading of the installed fixed electrical installations, please check with the relevant power company -

CLP Power
Telephone: 2678 2678
Power Assets Holdings Limited (formerly Hong Kong Electric)
Telephone: 2887 3411

EMSD issues a letter to remind the electrical installations owners (including both owners and owners’ corporation) to arrange periodic inspection.  The letter is issued before the expiry date of the current Periodic Test Certificate (Form WR2), or before the due date of performing inspection for electrical installations without any WR2 submitted before. If you did not receive this letter from the EMSD, or if you have any enquiries about the letter, please call 1823.

Registered electrical contractors are required to issue a Periodic Test Certificate (Form WR2) within one month after the completion of the inspection. Then, the owner of the electrical installations has to submit the certificate to EMSD for endorsement within 2 weeks after certificate issuance. EMSD may conduct random checking on the certified electrical installations and will return an endorsed certificate to the electrical installations owner afterwards.

Procedures for endorsement of the Periodic Test Certificate (Form WR2) by EMSD are as follows -



The application fee is $695. The paid application fee will not be refunded regardless of the result of application.

Means of submission

  • In person to the EMSD Registration and Permit Office, or drop the application into the drop-in box located in EMSD HQs
  • By post to the EMSD Registration and Permit Office
  • Online Submission (Password and personal digital certificate are required)

EMSD Registration and Permit Office
Address: G/F, The EMSD Headquarters, 3 Kai Shing Street, Kowloon
Office Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:15 pm (open during lunch hours); Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays closed
  • Saturday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm (drop-in box located at G/F lobby only)

Payment method

  • In person : Cash, crossed cheques, drafts, cashier orders
  • Post / Drop Box : Crossed cheques, drafts, cashier orders
  • Online: PPS online services, online Payment via bank, general demand note, crossed cheque, draft, cashier orders

(Cheques, drafts and cashier orders should be made payable to the “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” and crossed.  If an application is made online, please send the crossed cheque, draft or cashier order to EMSD by post.)

Processing time

About 13 working days upon receipt of all required documents and application fee

How to collect the certificate

Through registered mail to the correspondence address of the applicant

Owners of electrical installations should keep the EMSD endorsed Periodic Test Certificate safe so that the certificate is readily available for checking.


In case of inclement weather or service adjustments due to special circumstances, the opening hours may be changed. Please refer to the departmental website and the latest press releases.

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Last update: 5 Oct 2023
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