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You can check the availability of your ideal vehicle registration mark through the online enquiry services on GovHK.

Checking a traditional vehicle registration mark
  1.  Access the Online Services for Traditional Vehicle Registration Marks on GovHK 
  2. Click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the introductory page to proceed
  3. Type in your ideal mark in the prefix and numeral fields respectively, and click the "Search" button

If the mark is available, you can reserve it for the next auction of vehicle registration marks through this online service.   Click here for the auction details.

Checking a personalized vehicle registration mark (PVRM)
  1. Access the Online Services for Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks on GovHK
  2. Click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the introductory page to proceed
  3. Select "Enquiry only" in the service selection page
  4. Type in the proposed PVRM in the field provided, and click the "Search" button

The Transport Department will open the application to auction of PVRMs in every January, May and September.  You can submit an application to list an unallocated PVRM which meets the basic combination requirements for auction through the online service during the said period.   Click here for the application details.

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Last update: 22 May 2024
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