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I have a driving licence issued by Mainland China/other countries, can I apply for direct issue of full Hong Kong driving licence without taking a driving test?

Transport Department

The direct issue mechanism is only applicable to issue of non-commercial driving licences (i.e. licences for driving private car, light goods vehicle, motor cycle or motor tricycle).  A person who has a full driving licence issued by any one of the recognised countries/places (e.g. Mainland China)may apply for direct issue of a Hong Kong full driving licence of the respective vehicle class authorized to drive by the issuing country or place, without taking the driving test or passing through the 12-month probationary driving period.

Eligibility for Application

You must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible to apply for direct issue of a full driving licence –

  1. Aged 18 or above
  1. Hold a driving licence issued by one of the recognised countries or places (e.g. Mainland China). Please refer to the following list for the recognised countries / places:
    List of countries / places (displayed in alphabetical order)
  1. The overseas driving licence must be a full driving licence (Note: Probationary driving licence or international driving permit are not acceptable); and the licence must be:
    • valid or has not expired for more than 3 years (from the date of application); and
    • obtained through passing of driving test held in the issuing country or place.
  1. Satisfy any one of the requirements listed below:
    • have resided in the overseas country or place of issue for a period of not less than 6 consecutive months during which the licence was issued; or
    • have held the licence for 5 years or more immediately prior to the application; or
    • hold a passport or equivalent travel document of the country or place in which the licence was issued.

Application Procedures

Supporting Documents

Please produce the originals and copies of the following documents (Original or copy is accepted for address proof):

  1. Document of identity
    • Hong Kong residents: HK Identity Card/Passport
    • Non Hong Kong residents: Passport
  2. The overseas/PRC driving licence
  3. Address proof (Original/Copy).
  4. If an applicant is aged 70 or above, a medical examination report form TD 256(PDF) completed by a registered medical practitioner within 4 months before the date of application submission.
  5. Documentary proof that the applicant satisfies one of the following requirements –
    • To prove that the applicant has resided in the overseas country or place of issue for a period of not less than 6 consecutive months: stamps on the passport, student enrolment documents, employment letter, etc. Applications will be considered on individual merits; or
    • To prove that the applicant has held the licence for 5 years or more: the overseas driving licence; or
    • To prove that the applicant holds a passport or equivalent travel document of the country or place in which the licence was issued: the valid passport or travel document of the country / place issuing the driving license 
  6. Where a document for the purpose of direct issue application is not in Chinese or English, it must be accompanied by an officially certified translation.  The following translation is acceptable:

    • Translation from the consulate of the country issuing the driving license in Hong Kong; or

    • Translation from the official licensing authority issuing the driving license; or

    • Translation by registered Hong Kong court interpreters who are not working in the Judiciary; or

    • Translation by a translator (not the applicant himself) of a registered local translation agency/private translator and the translator has to declare the accuracy of the translation at Hong Kong Licensing Office of the Transport Department.

Means of Submission

In person / by agent to Hong Kong Licensing Office. An appointment booking service is available on phone (Tel: 3763 8080) and the Internet. The appointment can be made 10 weeks in advance. After making the appoinment successfully, the applicants shall visit the Hong Kong Licensing Office at the scheduled time. If the application is submitted by an agent, the agent shall produce his/her own original identity document for record purposes. 

Remark: The Transport Department has implemented the queue ticketing system for driving licensing related services .  For driving licensing services processing over the counter, if no prior appointment has been made online or by phone, applicants are required to obtain a same-day queue ticket on-site before using the counter services.  Same-day queue tickets are distributed at 9am in the morning and 2pm in the afternoon on each working day. 

Validity & Fee

For validity period & fee of driving licence, please click here

Payment Method

Fees are to be paid after an application is approved. Payment methods include -
1. Cash;
2. FPS;
3. EPS; or
4. Crossed cheque payable to “The Government of the HKSAR”.

Checking Application Result
  • Upon receipt of an application, the Transport Department will issue an acknowledgement to the applicant that on which date the application result will be ready.  The applicant or his / her agent may visit the Hong Kong (Queensway) Licensing Office in person on that date to check the application result, bringing along the required documents as stated in the acknowledgement.  If handled by an agent, the agent should bring an authorisation letter issued by the applicant, and a copy of the applicant’s identity document.
  • To check the progress of the application, please call 2804 2640 as per the acknowledgement.
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Last update: 13 Mar 2024
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