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What are the requirements on address proof about Transport Department Licensing?

Transport Department

The requirements on the address proof are as follows:

  1. Correspondence / bills (including utility or telecommunication bills; correspondence from government departments, public organizations, banks or local education institutions) issued within the last 3 months from the application date clearly shows:
    1. name and address of applicant;
    2. name of issuing organization; and
    3. date of issue. 

Points to note: 

  • Both the original or the copy of the document are accepted. You may also print a hardcopy of the electronic version of the document as an address proof.
  • Envelope and "P.O. Box" address are not accepted as an address proof.


  1. If the correspondence address and the residential address are different, you must provide proofs of both addresses.


  1. The Transport Department will return the address proofs after the processing of your application is completed.
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Last update: 4 Dec 2019
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