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Any updating of address and family particulars must be reported in writing to Housing Department immediately. The Applicant should fill in the standard Amendment Form and return it to the Applications Sub-section of Housing Department. (Postal address: P.O. Box 89192 Kowloon City Post Office).  The standard Amendment Form and supporting document required is as follows:


Amendment Form

Supporting document required (Note)



A copy of correspondence bearing the Applicant’s residential address in Chinese/English (e.g. electricity bill, water bill, tenancy agreement, rent receipts)

Addition of family members


Submit relevant documents according to the status, e.g.

A copy of medical proof issued by registered medical practitioners (with pregnancy of 16 weeks or more)/Birth Certificate/Hong Kong Smart Identity Card/Certificate of Marriage/One-way exit permit (must show the official chop about the date of entry)/overseas passport showing the right to land, residential status and official chop of the first date of entry etc.)

Deletion of family members


A copy of court order of divorce/ death certificate/ the original copy of the declaration form signed by the deleted family member

[Note: For application on addition or deletion of family members, Housing Department will request the applicant to submit the relevant application form and declaration form together with supplementary information or copies of supporting documents according to their application and status.]

Applicants can also update particulars through “Quick Updating of PRH Application” under the “e-Services for PRH Application” on the HA/HD website.  For the frequently asked questions of  “Quick Updating of PRH Application”, please click here

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Last update: 20 Jul 2021
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