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The ballot was drawn on 5 Oct 2023.  To check the ballot result and your random order, please use the following channels:


A. Visit the HOS 2023 Website


B. Visit the HOS 2023 Website - "Check Application Status[applicable to check the random order]
  • Enter the HKID number of the applicant and complete the verification


C. Call the IVRS of the Housing Authority Sales and WSM Hotline [applicable to check the random order]
  • Call 2712 8000;
  • Select the language (Cantonese and Putonghua are available);
  • Green Form applicants: press 1> 6> 2> 1;  White Form applicants: press 1> 6> 2> 2;
  • Enter the application number  (without G / W) and ID number of the applicant.


D. Go in person to 


Based on the ballot result, the HA has randomly generated the order for all applicants within each application category by computer, and will according to the relative priority order of the application categories invite them to submit supporting documents for detailed vetting to ascertain their application eligibility and their final priority order in flat selection.

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Last update: 6 Oct 2023
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