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According to the Rabies Regulation, dogs aged over 5 months must be inoculated against rabies, microchipped and licenced. Keeping a dog without licence could be fined $10,000.

Licences could be applied for dogs aged over 3 months. The licence is valid for 3 years. A dog owner should renew the licence every 3 years if he/she continues keeping the dog. The dog has to be revaccinated against rabies to renew the licence, but need not to implant a microchip again.

 Eligibility to Apply
  1. Aged 16 or above. Applicants aged below 18 should bring along their juvenile ID card.
  2. Only individuals are eligible to apply. A company or joint-ownership is not allowed to register as a dog owner.
 Application Procedures

Applicant may apply for a dog licence by the following ways:

  1. Bring your dog to any one of the AFCD Animal Management Centres (AMC) or Dog Inoculation Centres during office hours.
    • Representative of a dog owner should provide dog owner's authorization letter and a copy of dog owner's ID, completed Application Form signed by dog owner, representative's ID card and old dog licence (for licence renewal).
    • Licence renewal application can be processed at any one of the Dog Inoculation Centres. As the centres are not equipped with network connection, applicant or authorized representative must bring the dog licence for checking. If you have lost the dog licence, you can only take your dog to any one of the 4 AMCs for licence renewal.
  2. AFCD sends inoculation teams to villages and fishing vessels regularly.  Please contact 1823 for further details; or
  3. Take your dog to SPCA (Tel: 2802 0501) or an authorized private veterinary surgeon. Please contact SPCA or a private veterinary surgeon for details of application procedures, charges and processing time.

 Implanting microchip, inoculation and issuing dog licence: $80

 Processing time

 No advance booking is needed. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes and a dog licence will be issued to you at once.

 Validity of the licence

 3 Years

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Last update: 18 Aug 2023
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