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How to check the "Enquire Search/Order Status" if the acknowledgement page cannot be shown after the payment is completed in IRIS?

The Land Registry

If the acknowledgement page cannot be shown, user will not know whether the payment being made is successful or not. To avoid paying twice for the same order, user is advised to check the order status first by inputting the "order number" or "transaction number" through the "Enquire Order Status" function in Integrated Registration Information System to confirm the order status before submitting the same order again. 

If the order status is New / In Progress / Completed, the payment is successful. The documents or land registers can be downloaded or viewed again before the closure of online services at 03:30 next day. Or, the system will deliver the ordered items to the user according to the selected delivery method. 

If you cannot find your order, you have to order the land registers or land documents again.

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Last update: 25 Mar 2024
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