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The lack of maintenance is the major contributory factor to many landslips in Hong Kong. Though the original design and construction of the slope is up to standard, a slope that is not well maintained will deteriorate. In time, it may become unstable and collapse, causing injury to persons and damage to property. If this happens, suffering and hardship may result, and great expense may be incurred to the slope owner in compensating for the damage and in reinstating the ground and buildings to make it safe.

Government slopes are maintained by the relevant Government Department, while private slope owners are responsible for the maintenance of their private slops.

The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) of the Civil Engineering and Development Department has published a " Layman's Guide to Slope Maintenance" to assist private slope owners in learning more about the arrangement, supervision and review for slope maintenance. If private slope owners would like to have more information, please browse the website of " Hong Kong Slope Safety". Enquiries can be directed to the Community Advisory Unit by telephone at 2760 5800, or by email to

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Last update: 9 Sep 2019
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