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An expired vehicle licence ca n be renewed in the same way as a valid licence, except that an additional fee will apply to the unlicensed period.  Please note that when a vehicle licence has expired for a period of more than 2 years, the vehicle registration will be cancelled. The registered owner has to apply for vehicle registration again in order to obtain a vehicle licence. 

Calculation of additional fee for the unlicensed period
If a vehicle has been used on the road during the unlicensed period (e.g. driving with the vehicle or parking at a roadside metered parking space), the registered vehicle owner has to pay an additional fee incurred from the usage of the vehicle during the unlicensed period. The payable fee can be calculated in the following way:
(Annual licence fee –Traffic Accident Victims Assistant Fund Levy $ 114) x 0.33% x no. of days involved in the unlicensed period **
excluding the last expiry date and the effective date of the renewed licence. 

Application for Waiving Additional Fees for the Unlicensed Period

A registered vehicle owner who has not used the vehicle on a road during the unlicensed period can apply for waiving theadditional fee.
The vehicle owner shall com plete " Declaration on Application for Waiving Additional Fees Incurred from Usage of Vehicle During the Unlicensed Period" on Pag e 2 of the renewal application form TD558 (PDF)and indicate the period during which the vehicle has been put off the road. If the renewal application is submitted by mail, the postmark date will be regarded as the last day of the vehicle having been put off the road. There may be a short time gap between the date that the Transport Department receives the application and the postmark date, and an additional fee will be charged for that short period. Therefore, applicants are advised to submit their applications in person/by agent.

The effective date of vehicle licence renewed after expiry
The renewed licence will be effective from the date of renewal, no matter an additional fee for the unlicensed period is incurred or not. For example, if the expiry date of the current vehicle licence is 1/ 11/ 2009 and the registered owner renews it in person at the Licensing Office on 30/ 11/ 2009, the renewed licence will be effective from the date of renewal (i.e. 30/ 11/ 2009) irrespective of whether an additional fee is imposed.

To learn more about the renewal procedures, please click here.

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Last update: 3 Oct 2019
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