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About Renewal Application

The arrangements for renewal applications for Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles are only applicable to holders of Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles Closed Road Permit that expires in or after July 2024.  Eligible applicants who received the invitation email from the Transport Department (TD) may submit their renewal applications online during the application period allotted by the TD without having to participate in a computer ballot.

Eligibility of Renewal Application

Renewal applications are required to comply with ALL of the following criteria:

  • Applicant remain unchanged;
  • Vehicle remain unchanged (including the Hong Kong Registration Mark, colour and Chassis No. / V.I. Number., etc.); and
  • Designated drivers remain unchanged (including the number of designated driver(s) and the Hong Kong Identity Card No. of the designated driver(s))

Applications not Meeting Renewal Eligibility

  • If renewal applicants fail to meet any of the above criteria, they will have to participate in computer ballot for submission of applications as “New Application”.
  • If an application does not meet the eligibility for a renewal application, the Mainland authorities requires TD to first submit a request to the Mainland authorities to cancel the electronic vehicle licence after its expiry.  TD shall complete all cancellation procedures before passing the new application for Mainland authorities’ processing. The cancellation process will take around 2 weeks, please wait patiently.

Invitation to Submit Renewal Applications

  • TD will issue invitation emails to holders of Closed Road Permit with validity period ending in or after July 2024 by batches for submission of renewal applications.  Invited permit holders may submit renewal applications and supporting documents by the passcode provided in the email during the allotted application period.  In case permit holders cannot submit renewal application during the allotted application period, they shall participate in computer balloting for a quota to submit applications for “Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles”.
  • Applicants may use the online “Enquire Renewal Application Invitation Details” function to check the invitation status, allotted application period and passcode. 


Please refer to the Renewal Application page on the Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles website for details of the renewal applications.

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Last update: 20 Jun 2024
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