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I have checked the land register and confirmed the land documents I required, how can I order the required documents from Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS)?

The Land Registry

Please go to Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS) Website, select the language and choose "Order Land Document".

Please follow the procedures below to place orders for imaged land documents (Memorial, Government Lease, Conditions of Grant, Government Lease of New Grant, Block Government Lease): 

  1. Choose "Order Land Documents" from the menu bar on the left.
  2. Select the type of document (e.g., Memorial).
  3. Enter a valid memorial no.* or lot details (for Government Lease/ Block Government Lease), Click "Continue".
  4. In the next page showing the land document's detail, choose the part of document you need, colouring requirement, nature (plain or certified copy) and no. of copies.
  5. Click the button "Add to Order List and Make New Order" and you may add other items in the order list. Otherwise, please click the button "Add and Go To Order List" to review your Order List.

*Remarks - Each transaction document lodged for registration will be given a memorial no, and the transaction details will be entered in the land register. You may check the land document you required in the land registers and the memorial no. will be shown on the land registers.

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Last update: 4 Sep 2019
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