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I have submitted document to the Land Registry for registration. How long will the Land Registry take to complete registration and return the document? Do I need to collect the registered documents by myself?

The Land Registry

The time needed for document registration, from receipt of a deed to its dispatch upon completion, generally takes 14 working days while it takes 15 working days for the Land Registry to handle returned stopped documents. However, it will take longer time if the document is withheld by the Land Registry for clarification with the lodging party.

Apply for Express Registration Service
For urgent registration, the lodging party should apply for express registration in writing (Attn.: Registration Section) stating the reason(s) and producing the evidence, if any, to support the request. The Land Registry will expedite the registration process if with justifiable reasons. 

Checking the Status of Lodged Documents
Please call the Customer Service Hotline 3105 0000 to check the status of lodged documents. You are required to input the 14-digit memorial no. to check the status of the lodged documents. 

Registered land document will be returned to the lodging party by courier or post. There is no need to collect the document in person.

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Last update: 13 Sep 2023
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