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If I cannot afford to clear the unauthorized building works according to the Orders/Warning Notices because of financial difficulty, is there any loan that I can apply for?

Buildings Department

Property owners who have financial difficulties to remove unauthorized building works can apply for a loan from the "Building Safety Loan Scheme" of the Buildings Department (BD). The amount of the loan is subject to a ceiling of HK$1 million per unit of accommodation. The loan can be used to finance the works according to the Orders/ Warning Notices issued by BD. 

The eligibility criteria of the "Building Safety Loan Scheme" are:

  1. The applicant must be the owner of a private building, be it a domestic, composite, commercial or industrial building.
  2. The loan should be used for carrying out the following building maintenance works - 
    • improvement of the structure of the building;
    • safety of external walls;
    • fire safety, fire services installations and equipment;
    • building and sanitary services;
    • slopes and retaining walls; and
    • removing unauthorized building works and illegal rooftop structures.
  3. The applicant should have appointed qualified building professionals/competent contractors to supervise the works.

For the application procedures and other details of Building Safety Loan Scheme, please refer to the website of the Scheme.

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Last update: 3 Sep 2019
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