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If I need to pay court fines or I have settled court fines by cheque within the last 7 working days, can I renew a full driving licence?

Transport Department

If you use a cheque to pay court fine, the Transport Department will only accept your application of renewal starting from the 8th working day after the day of payment of fine. [For example, a payment of court fine is made on 4 January (Monday). On 9 and 10 January are Saturday and Sunday. The application for renewal can be submitted on 14 January (Thursday), when there is no public holiday within the period.] Therefore, please make sure that the time limitation has passed before submitting your application.

If you use EPS/cash to settle court fine, the renewal application can be processed within the same day. After paying the fine, if the applicant wishes to apply for renewal on the same day, he/she is advised to do it in person/by agent and bring the receipt of payment of court fine in original.

Proceed to the renewal procedures, please click here.

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Last update: 25 Oct 2019
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