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How to apply for a full driving licence after the probationary driving period?

Transport Department



Application period

The Holder of a probationary driving licence (applicable to motor cycle, motor tricycle, private car or light goods vehicle) should submit an application for a full driving licence within 3 years from the date of completion of the probationary driving period; otherwise he must re-take and pass the relevant driving tests again to obtain a new probationary driving licence, and complete the requisite probationary driving period before making the application again.


Application procedures

  1. Application for new issue, renewal and addition full driving licence & driving instructor's licence - TD557 (you may also fill in this form online and print a filled version for submission)
  2. Applicants aged 70 or above should also submit Medical Examination Certificate (for applicants aged 70 or above) - TD256 (PDF)


Means of Submission
  1. In person to any Licensing Office. If handled by an agent, the agent should bring his/her identity document in original for record purposes.
  2. By mail to P.O. Box 68115, Kowloon East Post Office, Kowloon (You are advised to send by registered mail);
  3. By drop-in box at any Licensing Office (no stamp is required).
Appointment Booking Service

You may choose to make an online appointment booking for an application for full driving licence, probationary driving licence, learner's driving licence, driving instructor's licence, driving test (private car, light goods vehicle, motor cycle and motor tricycle), direct issue of full Hong Kong driving licence, temporary driving licence or international driving permit. You may call the 24-hour Interactive Voice Response System of the Appointment Booking Service at 3763 8080 or logging on theGovHK to make an appointment free of charge. Having an appointment, you or your agent can apply for related applications at the designated counter of the selected Licensing Office with the completed application form and required documents during the appointed timeslot.

Online appointment booking for Full Driving Licence, Probationary Driving Licence, Learner's Driving Licence, Driving Instructor's Licence, or Driving Test (Private Car, Light Goods Vehicle, Motor Cycle and Motor Tricycle)


Supporting Documents
  1. Document of identity: HK Identity Card/Passport (Original/Copy); 

  2. Address Proof (Original/Copy); and
  3. If an applicant aged 70 or above, submits a medical examination report form TD256 completed by a registered medical practitioner within the last 4 months before the submission of renewal application.
Validity & Fee

Validity period & fee of driving licence

Payment Method

1. Cash;
2. FPS;
3. EPS; or
4. Crossed cheque payable to “The Government of the HKSAR”.

For application by post / drop-in box, the payment of fee should be settled by crossed cheque.

Processing Time

Depending on submission method:

  1. In person to Licensing Office: To be issued on the same day
  2. Others: To be sent to applicants by registered mail within 10 working days from the date of receipt of application.
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Last update: 1 Dec 2023
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