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If my neighbour always smokes at home and the tobacco smoke spreads to my house, will the Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office accept the complaint?

Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office, Department of Health

The current legislation covers smoking behavior in the statutory no smoking areas, and enforcement action could only be taken for smoking offence in these no smoking areas.

If people smoke in the public areas of corridor, lift lobby and back stairs, you may complain to the venue manager (e.g. management company), and request them to stop the smokers smoking, or request them to strengthen inspection at the black spots of smoking offence and put up more no smoking signs. If the smoking offence persists, you may consider making a complaint to the Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office (Tel: 2961 8823 / Fax: 2575 8944 / Email: ).  The Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office will follow up and take necessary law enforcement actions after receiving the complaint.

If people smoke inside their own domestic premises, the smoking act is exempted from the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance.

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Last update: 2 Sep 2019
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