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Applicants intend to apply for WFA can use the WFA Calculator to make a preliminary assessment of the eligibility and amount of allowance.  They may also view the video clips for details of the WFA Scheme.


Eligibility Criteria for WFA Scheme

  1. On a household basis, including singleton households.
  2. The total working hours of non-single-parent households and single-parent households must meet the working hour requirements (please press here). 
    (Note: Applicant and his/her household member(s) may report the working hours of more than one paid job within the same month. WFA Scheme also allows household members to aggregate their working hours.)
  3. A WFA household must meet the income and asset limits (please press here).  
  4. To qualify for a Child Allowance under the WFA Scheme, a household must have a child/children aged below 15, or aged between 15 and 21 receiving full-time education (but not post-secondary education). 
  5. The applicant and his/her household members must be Hong Kong residents and living in Hong Kong. 
    The WFA Scheme accepts applications from households of one person or more. A household generally refers to a unit with persons having close economic ties (but excluding economic ties arising from employment relationships) and living on the same premises (in Hong Kong). It is not necessary for household members to have kinship or blood ties. The Working Family Allowance Office (WFAO) will consider the claim on a case-by-case basis. 
    Normally, husband and wife are taken as members of the same household under the WFA Scheme irrespective of whether they live on the same premises, unless the spouse is not a Hong Kong resident, or there is indication of permanent separation, or in other justifiable circumstances.

6. Points to Note:

  • A household receiving WFA cannot concurrently receive Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) in the same claim month. 
  • The WFA Scheme does not impose a requirement on the length of residence in Hong Kong.  New arrivals may also apply for WFA or be counted as household member(s).  Hong Kong non-permanent residents who have been admitted to Hong Kong to work, study or receive training and their dependents, and individuals who have entered Hong Kong as visitors, are not eligible to apply for WFA or be counted as household members. 



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Last update: 4 Jun 2024
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