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The Applicant and all family members are required to submit supporting documents and declarations according to their status.  Please refer to [Section 4 - Completing the Application Form] and [Appendix 2 - Checklist of Supporting Documents for Public Rental Housing Applicastion] of Application Guide for Public Rental Housing (HD273) for the supporting documents and declarations required. (Declaration Forms can be downloaded at Housing Authority/ Housing Department Web Site.  They can also be obtained at Application Sub-section, Housing Department, Podium Level 2, Hong Kong Housing Authority Customer Service Centre, 3 Wang Tau Hom South Road, Kowloon.)

Attention: the original copy of declaration form(s) must be submitted and the date on the declaration form(s) must be the same as the date on PRH application form. 

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Last update: 22 Dec 2023
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