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After receiving a Mail Delivery Notification Card, what documents do I need to bring with to collect the mails at Post Office? Will Post Office arrange another delivery or can I collect the mail at another Post Office?

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For the following situations, the postmen may leave a Mail Delivery Notification Card for the addressee to collect the mails at the Post Office :

  • Insured Mails;
  • Postmen can’t deliver the mails, which required a receipt, to the door (these mails includes registered mails, parcel, SpeedPost, local courier) ; or the mails are addressed to PO box;
  • Oversized mails; and
  • Damaged mails.

Post Office issues different Mail Delivery Notification Card according to the mail types. The addressee can learn the arrangement of collecting the mail by reading the Card, e.g. the documents required, rearrange delivery and collecting at another Post Office. Please click the links below for further details.

Receiving mail items that require signature for acknowledgement of receipt
Please click:

Change of Mail Collection Office
Please click:

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Last update: 26 Jan 2022
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