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If a property is liable for Government Rent to be collected by the Lands Department, property owner is advised to notify The Director of Lands of any changes in ownership or owner's correspondence address.

  • For properties in the urban area, property owners can either write to or complete the "Notification For Change of Name & Address" at the back of the Demand Note and return it to the Government Rent and Premium Unit of the Lands Department by fax at 2117 1099 or by post (address: 1/F, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong). 
  • For properties in the New Territories, change of address should be notified in writing to the relevant District Lands Office which issues the rent demands.
  • For change of correspondence address only, property owners may use the "Change of Address" function of GovHK  to report to the authorities.
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Last update: 31 Jan 2024
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